Urban Meditation

Modern issues, Ancient wisdom.

Come broaden your horizon at our topical discussions. Addressing the problems of the day from the viewpoint of the ancient wisdom of the Vedas. Put your thinking cap on and marvel at the profound, yet practical philosophy of Ancient India.

When we think about meditation, we often think about something only a rare few souls can do. They go off in the mountains somewhere, sit on a rock and completely empty their minds. Then they become enlightened and relieved from all the suffering in the world. Fortunately, not everything that our minds come up with is the Absolute Truth (suprisingly enough…) and there is a lot more to understand about what meditation really is. Everyone meditates; to meditate simply means to focus one’s mind upon something. We do it consciously and unconsciously as well. In the urban jungle of the modern day cities our meditations are often dominated by propaganda for sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. What is the result of such meditation? Disease, dependance and frustration. How to solve this problem? We have to spiritually arm ourselves, by making a conscious decision about what your meditation will be on.

So what should we meditate upon? The ancient yoga texts of India explain that the real goal of life is to become self-realized. To understand who you really are. They prescribe as the only viable method in this era of hypocrisy and instability, the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra. Urban Meditation is all about finding out who you really are, arming yourself against the sensory onslaught of the materialistic society and experiencing the peace and happiness that lies within each and everyone of us. In our topical discussions we will reveal the fallacies of modern mythology, such as money makes you happy and weapons make you safe. Come and free yourself from the conditioning that society at large forces upon all of us and gain an understanding about the true nature of reality.

Every Tuesday in Swansea, Govinda’s Cafe, 8 Cradock Street, SA1 3EN.
Phone: 01792 468469
E-mail: info@iskconwales.org.uk
No need to book in advance.
Every Wednesday in Cardiff, Tŷ Krishna Cymru, 4 Dock Chambers, Bute Street, CF105AG.
Phone: 02920 193 346
E-mail: cafe.atma@gmail.com
£5 Starts at 6:30pm. Finishes at 8:30pm. Comes with a full vegetarian meal and a dessert.