“Bhakti Yoga at Home” Course

Hare Krishna Everyone,

We are starting a 5 week course to help those of us who due to circumstances cannot live in the temple. This course will teach you how to practice Krishna Consciousness at home. The course is starting on Sunday 10th September; it will be held at Tŷ Krishna Cymru from 9:30 am until 11:30 am and will be free of charge.

Sunday 10th September: Japa & Kirtan

You will be taught the finer aspects of japa meditation practice. Just as in science any experiment has parameters. So in japa there is the proper time, place, circumstance, but also mood and conception.

You will receive some basic kirtan training with instruments, as well as a deeper understanding of how and why kirtan works.

Sunday 17th September: Setting up an Altar

You will learn how to set up an altar and to create a sacred space in your home. There will also be some basic teaching about deity worship.

Sunday 24th September: Prasadam at home

You will learn how to offer your food at home and what is offerable. Also, we will discuss the benefits of prasadam, how to cook and what is ekadasi.

There will also be a small cooking demonstration!

Sunday 1st October: The Mission

You will learn about the Seven Purposes of ISKCON. Why did Srila Prabhupada come to the West? What was his vision? How can we take part?

Sunday 8th October: What life throws at us

You will learn how to remain equipoised through the challenges of living in the material world, how to apply philosophy, take guidance and make the right decisions in crucial times.

For any more information please contact us!