Gita Jayanti (23/12)

Hare Krishna Everyone, We will be celebrating the speaking of Bhagavad-gita in Ty Krishna Cymru on Sunday 23rd December. We will recite...
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The Bhakta Course

Hare Krishna Everyone, Last week we started our Bhakta course with Radharamana Prabhu discussing the Guru Discipleship. The Bhakta Course will be...
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Vedic Samskaras and Rites

Hare Krishna Everyone, We would like to inform everyone that ISKCON Wales has qualified Brahmana priests who can perform various samskaras and...
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Atma: Now Open!!!

Hare Krishna Everyone, Latest News: We are Open! Please check this page for details about programs and for future reference for everything...
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We regularly collect for Food For Life, whether in the street or outside a supermarket. You can come out and shake a...
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